Using Tunngle

Tunngle is another free VPN program which is currently the home of most Fleet Operations' players. To download this software, visit No special drivers are required for 64-bit operating systems.

After having downloaded Tunngle, you will need to register a free beta account at the website here. After a confirmation email is sent, click the link to activate your account. Install Tunngle and let the adapter configure itself (remember that you will need to disable any other network adapters from similar VPN programs, such as Wippien or Hamachi).

There are two methods available to use Tunngle. If you wish to use the automated integrated process, you needn't even start up Tunngle, but you may simply click the "Internet-Tunngle" icon. This will automatically load up Tunngle if it is installed and send you to the correct Fleet Operations lobby.

You can of course do this manually as well, using the Local Area Network connection. When you have successfully logged into the opening page of Tunngle you will want to join the network where Fleet Operations players are. Click the "Browser" button at the bottom left hand corner and select "Strategy". Click "Forward" until you find "Star Trek: Armada II - Fleet Operations". Right click and add to your favorites.

Once you have entered the Armada II - Fleet Operations network, you will notice that you can chat with everyone, or use the integrated Instant Messaging program (top right corner) to talk with individual people. You do not need to add anybody as friends, but if you wish, you can right click on people's names and add them. This will allow you to use the IM program with them or share files. Other than that, adding does nothing.

Games are created in the same manner as all the other VPN programs. Simply enter "Local Area Network" or click the "Internet-Tunngle" icon and create or join a game.

Tunngle is by far the most popular manner in which gamers may play Fleet Operations in an online setting.


If you are encountering connection problems of any kind with other players it is easiest to first try to enable UnPNP, as it does not involve tinkering with any router settings. Go to Tunngle->System->Options and hit "test". If the result is negative, check mark the enable UnPNP button and try again.

If you have a NAT router, instructions for port forwarding or port triggering can be found here here. Unless you are in DMZ, you probably need to configure your router before you can use Tunngle.

For a video of how to set up Tunngle as well as some troubleshooting information you can click here.

For a beta troubleshooter that may help with almost all Tunngle issues you can click here.

"Host as Been Lost"

If you cannot join a game because you get a 'host has been lost" message you can use the Manual IP function in the Multiplayer Connections menu - simply enter the host's IP as it appears in the lower left hand corner of the Tunngle Lobby (and of course, be sure that Tunngle is on in order to use this feature).

Missing Players in the Network

If you think you aren't seeing everyone who is present in a network, usually all that is needed is to refresh your list.

This can be done by exiting the network in question, and re-entering (make sure your internet network is set to "Home" and not "Public"). To be sure you have everybody, simply hit "refresh" in the "favorites" tab.

If this does not solve the issue, read this link. Important note: don't use port triggering and port forwarding at the same time. It will make you unable to connect to the Tunngle Server.