GameObjects hit by the Ordnance have their shields boosted. In exchange, the weapon's owner loses special energy. Note that the Ordnance cannot be used on Planets.

Wshldadd.sod is used by default when a GameObject is hit by the Ordnance.

Uses the sprite ODF command. Does not use the shotGeometry ODF command. The sprite will change color from green to yellow to red depending on the strength of the shields of the target (strongest to weakest).

SpecialValue determines the rate at which shield hitpoints are added to the target and special energy is removed from the owner at a 1:1 ratio. Note that if entered as a negative value, the EnergyShieldConverter will drain its target's shields (provided they are at less than maxShields), but will not toggle off automatically, even after shield strength becomes negative and the owner's special energy surpasses maxSpecialEnergy.

Note that the Weapon (if special = 1) that fires this Ordnance must have needTarget = 1, otherwise Armada will crash when the AI / Special Weapons Autonomy uses the weapon.

classlabel = "esconverter"

No special ODF commands.