Gaming Jargon

What we say What we mean
GG Good Game, the game is decided. Usually used to concede defeat after your opponent has clearly beaten you.
OOS Out of Sync: players are no longer playing the same game. Everyone can be a winner after OOS, as every player is playing their own little game. Games are usually abandoned after OOS.
AC Allied chat, click Allies in comm menu so only allies see your chat messages.
omw On My Way: you say this when you notice your teammate needs help and you are sending help.
ctd Crash to desktop, Fleet Ops crashed please send a bug report.
exp Can mean either experience - which is what ships earn by killing stuff - or expansion, which is a location on the map where you go to mine resources.
gl hf Good Luck, Have Fun: a courtesy you pay your noble opponents before entering into battle.
FFA Free For All: a game without teams.
xp Experience, usually in the sense of what ships earn.
SPW Special Weapon.
AoE Area of Effect: weapons that effect an area - like Quadcobalt torpedoes from the Serkas class.
dps Damage Per Second: generally measures how strong a ship's weapons are.
OP/UP Overpowered / Underpowered: used to describe units. OP also means original poster: the person who started a forum thread.
TS Teamspeak: Voice Over IP program for talking with other players during games.
di/dil/tri Dilithium / tritanium: the main resources used in Fleet Ops.
bug (the ship) Bugship = Jem'Hadar A-20 Attack Destroyer, because it looks like a bug.
kbq K'beaj'Q class Klingon vessel.
BoP Bird of Prey: can refer to either the K'Vort class or B'rel class Klingon vessels.
Big D/DD D'deridex (B type) class warbird.
dode / dodec / dodeca Dodecahedron chassis / ship for the Borg.
E1 / E2 Excelsior class / Excelsior II class.
gens Generix class.
gen spec / frig / support Generix class Spectre / Frigate / Support refit.
scube Scout Cube chassis / ship for the Borg.
dread V-15 Dreadnought: mixed-tech Dominion ship.
ADAI, HDSG, SSEC, TWA, FTC Autonomous Defence AI, High Density Shield Generators, Single Stage Energy Conduits, Fast Tracking Computers: these are common passives. Go here for description of passives: Damage System.
HWP Heavy Weapons Platform: the buildable Klingon turret.
SFE Starfleet Engineering, a Federation station.
SFS Starfleet Science, a Federation station.
SFC Starfleet Command, a Federation station.