• Etiquette

    Lists the current exploits/bugs and how to be a friendly gamer

  • Game Setup

    Describes differences between Instant Action and Multiplayer game setup and the features available in both

    • In-Game Options

      Describes how to use the in-game Communications Menu in order to initiate trading (resources and vessels) and how allegiances work in Alliance games

  • Avatars

    Contains a list of the in-game Fleet Operations' avatars and the bonuses they offer

  • Mixed-Tech and Terrain

    Describes the types of nebulae and how Mixed-Technology functions

  • Economy

    Describes the optimum mining layout for each faction, how decommissioning works, and a bit of story behind each resource

  • Damage System

    Explains what the Offensive, Defensive, and System Values mean as well as the effects of weapon type, passive abilities, ship size and ship type

  • Upgrade System

    Explains ship/station refitting and the experience system

  • Using Hotkeys

    Describes all the useful hotkeys for structures and fleet usage as well as picture/video taking

  • Vessel Management

    Basic tips for managing your ships and fleets

  • Singleplayer Cheats

    Kobayashi Maru situation in Instant Action? What would Kirk do...