Singleplayer Cheats

To enter in a cheat of any kind in game, all that is needed is to hit the enter/return key to bring up the chat bar. Consequently, without further delay, here are a few cheats, some useful… some useless. Note that cheats are not officially supported, as their primary purpose is for debugging / testing and consequently they may not always work or have different effects from version to version.

elim    Eliminates selected player
levelup    Promotes a vessel to the next rank
crash    Self evident…
showmethemoney    Gives you 10,000 dilithium, 10,000 tritanium, and 200 supplies
version    Shows what version of Fleet Operations you are using
expl    Destroys the selected unit or station
m Moves the unit forward (if it has engines)
dis Disables the shields of the selected unit