Upgrade System

Upgrading and Refitting

In Fleet Operations it is possible to upgrade several stations as well as a number of ships.

Each faction’s main base structure (starbase) may be upgraded two times to power up the defense of your starbase and make it less vulnerable to enemy weapon fire and two times to improve the weapon systems to change the weapon load-out and deal increased amounts of damage with every shot. The costs and added values of upgrading the starbase is the same for each faction.

The offense upgrade costs 600 dilithium and 50 tritanium and each increases the offensive value by 90. Additional offensive upgrades may also add new weapons or multi-targeting weaponry.

Defensive upgrades cost 50 dilithium and 600 tritanium and each increase the defensive value by 30.

You may not upgrade your starbase when the queue is full.

The Dominion Perimeter is the only non-starbase station that can be upgraded.

Ship refitting is mainly a Romulan ability, but other factions may gain refitable ships via mixed tech or a research such as the Klingon Call to Arms. You can refit some units while cloaked.

The Experience System

The experience system makes it possible for ships to gain skill in battles by destroying enemy units and thereby improve their offensive, defensive, and system capabilities. Every enemy vessel is worth a certain amount of experience points, and each of your own vessels requires a particular amount of points in order to level up. Only the unit that makes the kill gets the experience and it may only gain one rank at a time (any further experience is lost until the next rank is attained). There are four different experience levels:

      Rank 1

      Rank 2

      Officer Rank 1

      Officer Rank 2

      Veteran Rank

Each rank can increase the vessel’s Offensive, Defensive and/or System values. The precise bonuses per rank are different for each vessel class. Once a warship has reached an officer rank it will also gain a new special upgrade unique to its class. This can be a new weapon, a passive ability, or a change in the behavior of its native special weapons. Of course these bonuses will be more powerful once the vessel has reached the second officer rank (the effects of this bonus will usually double upon reaching Officer Rank 2).

After attaining the second officer rank it is possible to upgrade the ship to a veteran rank. The amount of veteran rank warships is limited to 25 slots and different ship classes require varying amounts of slots to be upgraded to a veteran rank.

Note that the Borg do not have an experience system yet.