Played by Tryptic

Games Played 10
Favorite Faction Romulan
Most Successful Faction Romulan
Favorite Map Duel II
Posted Games 0
Commentaries 40
Name Setup Map Posted Version Posted By Description Commentary
2v2 Rotary Supercollider
12th July 2020
3.2.6 Drone971 2v2 tryps mod - rotary supercolider Drone971
2v2 Hell´s Kitchen
12th January 2014
3.2.7 Tryptic First game, we get our butts… Tryptic
2v2 Star Traffic
12th January 2014
3.2.7 Tryptic Vengeance is sweet! Tryptic
1v1 Duel II
22nd September 2013
3.2.7 Tryptic Another Dominion vs Klingon match Tryptic
1v1 Duel II
14th September 2013
3.2.7 Tryptic My B8s vs LordQ's Klingons! Tryptic
1 Duel II
13th September 2013
3.2.7 Tryptic The start of a new series,… Tryptic
2v2 6 Something
14th March 2012
3.2.6 Tryptic How to Saeihr spam and lose,… Tryptic
2v2 Nebula Stream
4th March 2012
3.2.6 Yandonman Yandonman
2v2 Star Traffic 1.2
16th December 2011
3.2.6 Tryptic I get my butt handed to… Tryptic
1 2 3
3v3 Broken Borders
14th January 2011
3.1.5 Ray320 Ray320