Played by WarpCore

Games Played 13
Favorite Faction Federation
Most Successful Faction Federation
Favorite Maps Hell´s Kitchen, Plasma Conduit, Rain, Star Traffic
Name Setup Map Posted Version Posted By Description Commentary
2v2 Rotary Supercollider
12th July 2020
3.2.6 Drone971 2v2 tryps mod - rotary supercolider Drone971
FFA Nebula Stream
3rd September 2014
1.0.6 Tryptic The last game I recorded in… Tryptic
3v3 Wreckage Belt 1.1
3rd September 2014
1.0.6 Tryptic Goodness Gracious great balls of Borg! Tryptic
2v2 Hell´s Kitchen
3rd May 2014
1.0.6 Tryptic We see some Novas and C-11s… Tryptic
3v3 Rain
12th April 2014
3.2.7 Tryptic Co-commentated by Kamk! Tryptic
2v2 Hell´s Kitchen
12th April 2014
1.0.5 Tryptic Some good old fashioned Tryptic's Mod… Tryptic
3v3 Plasma Conduit
19th March 2014
3.2.7 Tryptic A good 3v3 with Kamk as… Tryptic, Kamk
2v3 Star Traffic
19th March 2014
3.2.7 Tryptic A good old-fashioned expand-and-crush-thine-enemies, with an… Tryptic
2v2 Star Traffic
26th January 2012
3.2.6 Yandonman Yandonman, Cyrax
3v3 Rain
12th January 2012
3.2.6 Tryptic My first commentary in a while,… Tryptic
3v3 Destiny Board
30th November 2011
3.2.5 Yandonman Yandonman
3v3 Plasma Conduit
12th November 2011
3.2.5 Jynx My First solo Commentary , went… Jynx
2v2 Plasma Outpost
2nd September 2011
3.2.5 Yandonman Assim-assim rush Yandonman