Using Hamachi

The second method works through the free vpn (virtual private network) service called Hamachi. This program is available for download at this site: Sadly, each network—although easy to set up and use—can only support a maximum of 16 (or 40 using the commercial feature) players. All that is required to use Hamachi is to create a network and password (or join an

already existing network) and distribute the information to friends. You can create a new network by clicking the triangular button at the bottom left of the program. Unfortunately Hamachi users will often experience significant lag with more than two players.

To actually play games, use the “Local Area Network (TCP/IP)” connection and proceed as usual.

The paid-for Fleet Operations Hamachi server has Network ID: 407-774-233 and the password is: Galaxy

About Firewall & NAT Routers

Hamachi will need only one UDP and one TCP port to be forwarded to your computer. You can select any port you wish from the Hamachi settings. If you have enabled UPnP for your router you can set Hamachi to automatically forward the required ports when needed. If you use a software firewall, remember to allow Hamachi traffic for both directions. Again, consult your firewall and router manuals to see how to apply changes, if necessary.

For more detailed information about Hamachi and its features, visit the web page of logmein Hamachi.