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I am happy to announce the Spring 2011 tournament will begin approximately one week after the release of 3.2.2. The tournament is open to all players and time zones, though it will be important for players to be flexible and coordinate matches as best as possible.  No official prizes are planned for this tournament...We're playing for Honor!

Joining the Tournament

Please feel free to post your intent to join the tournament. I expect the first round to last a few weeks so do not let a busy schedule keep you away! Also, the tournament framework is flexible and we can accommodate many more participants should there be considerable interest.

Tournament Rules

Each player will be assigned a random group. Players will play two games with each additional player in their group. The top two players, based on wins, will advance to the next round. The third-ranked player will play for wildcard positions. The second round will follow the same rules as the first, leading into the semi-finals. Semi-finals will be a best of three games leading to a best of three championship game. "Ties" in groups will be broken by single elimination games as needed.

Each game needs to be observed at least by 1 person with admiral’s logs sent to this e-mail address:   preferably by at least 2 persons at the conclusion of each match. There will be no rules against spamming and using annoying strategies though honor is appreciated. Specific exploits as listed in the guide are prohibited and may result in disqualification.

A game is considered "won" when both players agree the game is over as signified by "GG" etc... Hiding ships in unwinnable situations to prolong a game is highly frowned upon. In such situations, discretion is left to the observer to "end the game" by leaving declaring the advantaged player the winner.

A rematch will trigger should a game crash/disconnect unless both players and the observer mutually agree to a winner. Exploitation of disconnect is prohibited and may result in disqualification.

Tournament Format and Contestants and Winner!

Round 1 Results

Round 2 Results

Round 3 Results

Round 4 Results

Winner is Old Time Pro!