Intelligence Report: Dominion


Relevant History

The Cardassians are no longer part of the Dominion, as they quit and betrayed the Dominion and will never be part of the Dominion anytime soon. Most of their economy is crushed and their home world devastated by orbital bombardment. The Dominion itself has a non-aggression-pact with the Federation - and the Alpha Quadrant itself - but there were far too many cruelties in the past for either the Federation or any other Alpha Quadrant power to accept an enduring peace treaty or even an alliance. Odo will do its best to solve that.

As the Cardassians are no longer a major stellar power and are not directly involved in the Fleet Operations storyline (they are important for the Noxter, therefore they will be major NPC faction) they are not included as a playable faction.

In the Fleet Operations timeline the Dominion began to build large yard complexes in Breen space, in order to commence their long-term goal of dominating the Alpha Quadrant. Repair, refit and construction yards were required. The Breen units buildable under the Breen avatar are thus the results of a Founder sent to the Breen home world to assist this mysterious alien faction in building up a fleet capable of controlling the Alpha Quadrant after it had been conquered - notice that at this point they did not even think of the possibility of defeat during the Dominion War. For this reason, Breen Technology is much more integrated into the Dominion yard structure than any other faction would be. The next avatar will probably feature its own yard complex for allied vessels.

When it became clear that the Dominion might lose the war, the Breen fell back to their favorite hobby--and one that the Romulans would be proud of: isolation. They attacked every ship which entered their space, no matter if it was civilian or military. Therefore information - as well as every other trading good - passed to their worlds quite slowly. They didn't even notice that the Dominion and the Federation had started negotiations. They still reinforced their yards to produce a second invasion force.

Before the end of the War a small Dominion fleet (Jem'Hadar and Vorta … even two Founders) was sent to Breen - the home world of this exotic race - to start deeper negotiations and prepare them to become a part of the Dominion. Even though the Dominion and the Federation had signed a non-aggression pact by now, the yards orbiting Breen planets started constructing Breen starships suited for war - still not officially informed that the war was actually over. As a result of this quite special situation, the Dominion-Breen avatar units might not exactly "feel" like you think they should from the series. The Breen battleship model, is still a placeholder and will be replaced by a new design. The Breen frigate as you know it from the shows will come in as a separate NPC unit.

Currently the Dominion is involved in its own affairs. The Dominion was important in the past, as it played a major role in the Noxter exodus... but they also play an important role later on in the Fleet Operations storyline too. It all begins with a certain Starfleet captain, a young and energetic Romulan girl (the woman is 100% biologically Romulan, without genetic manipulation), and a poor planet which had to handle both of those people...

Alliance Members


The Breen fell back to their military isolation just days before the fall of Cardassia. Since the end of the Dominion war the Federation was unable to contact the Breen government or even the most pathetic of Breen vessels. All alien vessels that enter Breen space were attacked without warning. In this way, the Breen gained information—as well as trade goods—and their home worlds became steadily more powerful. Of course the Breen have noticed that the Dominion presence in the Alpha Quadrant was eliminated, but they never heard of the "fall" of the Great Link and the stable peace between the Alpha and Gamma quadrant. With the aid of two.. quite unique.. Founders who moved to the Breen Homeworld during the war, they started a program to reconstruct a fleet worthy of the Dominion return, which will of course happen someday.. at least they think so.

Unique Dominion Weaponry

Tetryon Torpedo

Dominion torpedo weapons are armed with a small package of subspace particles, contained in a multi-phase force field. Those tetryons penetrate most matter, including common armor types to deal heavy damage, although their effect radius is limited compared to anti-matter based weaponry.

Polaron Beam

Polaron particles are known for their capability to pierce most common shield technology. Dominion weapons also make use of this property, by emitting focused Polaron streams in their beam weapons.

Impulse Disruptor

Unlike most Pulse Disruptors, the Dominion version charges short bursts of high-energy particles, leading to incredibly fast firing sequences. As the EM-fluctuations caused by these weapons is far above anything the Federation would employ, these cannons only have a short life span and need to be replaced at least once every Earth year. Still, they are used often on vessels or stations which are not sent on deep space missions.

Breen Energy Torpedo

For a long time the precise mechanics and blueprints of Breen torpedoes were a mystery. Instead of an explosive payload of some kind, these tiny warheads carry an EM field generator, using the targets own warpfield as a source of destructive energy.


The C-11 Interception Destroyer

The C-11 Interception Destroyer is a quite modern and agile Dominion design. It was constructed to bring several new technologies and weapons into the field rather than being a deadly combat vessel like most other Dominion vessels are. It is equipped with a single Polaron Disruptor and light shielding. During several post-Dominion-War conflicts the Founders utilized these vessels to support their fleets and access a deadly variety of combat measures.

The Hyperspace Artillery

The Hyperspace Artillery is a weapon of mass destruction. The main body is giant subspace-particle generator. These particles are focused through several complex force field chambers. Finally a micro wormhole is generated for a few seconds to transport the charged hyperspace burst at its target location where it will implode and generate a shockwave which is capable of destroying whole fleets and especially stationary objects like starbases or defense platforms.

The first Hyperspace Artillery was constructed in the Gamma Quadrant during the Dominion war. This unique weapon was meant to destroy all relevant military starbases of the Federation and its allies in the alpha quadrant. Unfortunately the artillery never made it through the Bajoran wormhole before it collapsed and vanished forever.

The Hyperspace Artillery does also bring some unique elements into the gameplay. The first thing you will notice is the large attack range, which is even greater than all other artillery-range units. The second thing you will notice is the delay between the moment you gave the attack order and the final impact. As soon as you order an artillery strike a marker is displayed at the target location. A countdown of 5 seconds begins which gives the targeted player a short time window to evacuate starships from the bombarding position - if he or she is fast enough. 5...4...3...2...1... and then you get a big explosion and hopefully many enemy vessels fading away in a burst of hyperspace particles. The Hyperspace Artillery is also the only vessel which is not built from a yard but by the construction ship.

T-15 Heavy Cruiser

The T-14 Cruiser is a relatively old Jem'Hadar vessel design. It was in service for about 200 years until it was replaced by the popular V-Type Battle Cruiser series. The T-15 Heavy Cruiser is a complete remake of the T-14 Cruiser which has been equipped with additional shielding, armor plating, and a very powerful Impulse Disruptor weapon--which is extremely deadly against destroyers, fighters and other small, unarmored targets.

Today the T-15 is a very common design within Dominion space. Its powerful offensive and defensive capabilities make it a standard vessel for every escort or patrol mission.

V-15 Dreadnought

The Dominion is known for conquering and occupying whole worlds, and thus their Mixed-Technology feature got a bit special compared to the Mixed-Technology of other factions. Instead of gaining only one complete new unit for one unique alien technology, the Dominion will gain their new Mixed-Technology vessel for every captured faction: the famous Dominion Dreadnought! Its basic stats, however, will be modified dependent on the alien technology you got it from. As as an ultra-heavy battleship, comparable to the Tavara and other giants, it is quite slow, but has devastating armament able to crush whole fleets. Newer versions of the Dreadnought are also equipped with a Hyperspace Disruptor which will deal double damage to stations. Two Dreadnoughts heading to a base should invoke a Wolf-359 like panic!

S-7 Defender

The Dominion Defender is, as the name already indicates, more a moving defense structure then a starship. Its armor plating and shield generators are incredibly overloaded and the energy output of its dual warp cores matches smaller starbases. Being very slow, this unit brings a large amount of long range fire power to the field.

Originally the Defender was planned to be the platform for the Dominion Hyperspace Artillery. As it became clear that even the Defender would not be able to provide enough energy for the Hyperspace Device, it was reconstructed and the first Defenders left the Yards just a few weeks before the Dominion War. They never made it to the battlefield in the Alpha Quadrant, but guarded the Dominion core systems. If any aggressors ever would try to invade the Dominion, they would first have to get around these moving Polaron Cannons.

There is only one good way to deal with them. Don't deal with them at all.

The vital point of the Defender is its low speed. It wouldn't even win a race with a Borg Cube. Therefore you should try to go around them or attempt sneak-attacks with small and fast long range vessels. Of course the Founders thought of that tactic too. Therefore the Defender can be fitted with a - quite expensive - special weapon.

Charging energy through special conduits which directly connect the Warp Cores and the main weapon device, the Defender is capable of firing a giant mass of graviton and warp particles on a hostile target. Besides inflicting massive damage, they even impact on the target with kinetic force, pushing the target away and disabling its engines for quite some time. In this state the target is a defenseless victim against the firepower of the Defender.


The Son’a will appear as the third avatar for the Dominion.