Intelligence Report: Iconians

The Iconians are an ancient and forgotten race with a much deeper understanding of the Universe then other species can even hope to get close to. A highly advanced species which lived in the Alpha Quadrant thousands of years ago, they are a bit arrogant one could say, referring to us "new" species as children! Yes, they are humanoid, but are not as close to us humans as for example the Romulans or the Klingons. From what the Federation knows today they were the first interstellar empire in this part of the galaxy. In the Fleet Operations Universe this faction escaped destruction using time and timeline travel.... All Iconian holdings were abandoned in this timeline 40,000 years ago. You can still find a few Iconian ruins in both Federation and Romulan controlled space. What the Federation knows is that the Iconians had a war with an unknown enemy and were destroyed.

The Iconians had several conflicts with the Borg Collective, which tried to assimilate them, but failed because of the Iconian psionic capabilities. Therefore the Iconians where classified as a threat to the Collective. The war ended with a large Borg Fleet trying to invade the Iconian Home system. The Iconians used a giant psionic shockwave to cripple the invading vessels. The war was won...

However, the shockwave had also disturbed the sun of the Iconian system and it began to collapse. The Iconian’s Dynasty attempted to evacuate through time itself. Their knowledge of time and time travel allowed them to settle in another timeline. There the Iconians began to expand and prepare for vengeance...

The Iconians are the most advanced race in the Fleet Operations Universe. They have a good knowledge of the timeline and use temporal and psionic weapons. Being a species near evolutionary transcendence, they use a variety of supernatural psionic abilities, like rendering their vessels completely invulnerable for a period of time. The Iconian’s technology is split into two sectors. On the one hand, they have psionic and transcendent capabilities. On the other, they can access highly advanced technology like time travel or chroniton disruptors. The Iconians are arrogant, psionic sorcerers who plot revenge and seek to dominate their home galaxy again.

As the Iconians have lost their presence in this timeline, they warp in their vessels from the future or parallel Universes, where they dominate the galaxy. Therefore the Iconians have no need for collecting resources. Their only resource--if you want to call it that--is time and their vessels do have the longest “construction” times. The longer a game takes, the more vessels you can you expect. Most Iconian station upgrades and vessels take long to build.

The Iconians don't build a base. An Iconian base only consists of a giant main structure, which has been warped through time in this realm of the space time continuum. This station can open additional gateways through time to warp in Iconian vessels. This structure is a yard, command center and science station all in one. Notice that Iconian vessels cannot be repaired or boarded, and they cannot board enemy vessels. The Iconians can summon a hero to aid their fight.