Intelligence Report: Klingon Imperial Empire


One of the things we know for sure from watching the shows is that the Klingon Empire spends an enormous amount of their resources on building and maintaining a large military fleet. Their yard infrastructure must be quite advanced to complement that. Therefore they received a complete new and unique yard system in Fleet Ops 3.0. Their yards may be extended to up to three separate construction slots, allowing one station to build up to three vessels at the same time!

Important Houses

TaQ’roja: House of Duras (survivors)

A clone of the Duras sisters, TaQ’roja was “born” on a Ciadan ship. Designed to be a “biological processor” (a CPU for the Ciadan ship) the ship was damaged in battle with a Klingon vessel and TaQ’roja awoke from her endless sleep within the computer core. When the vessel was salvaged by Orion pirates, she knew nothing of the universe, the Klingons - not even her own self. She grew up as the wife of an Orion pirate leader and did not know anything about her people for a long time. As she heard from her species and the House of Duras, she began to underhandedly assemble the old (and now dishonored and cast-away) allies of the House of Duras. Thus she attempts to fight for her place in the empire (the Klingon High Council) - and life in general. She’s not the average Klingon, so Toral might still have supporters…

With the other minor houses dishonored as well, no one really respects TaQ’roja. Accordingly, she is forced to work alongside pirates on the Romulan border. This explains why she uses stranger tactics and weaponry for a Klingon (artillery, hit and run - just like a pirate)

Martok: House of Martok

Martok plays an important role in the Fleet Operations storyline. With his success in the Dominion War and the support of nearly all Houses in the Klingon High Council, the House of Martok became the strongest political faction in the Klingon Empire. Some of the major problems General Martok now has to face include rebuilding the fleet as well as resolving the economic problems that have shaken the Empire. His (and the council's) friends and allies - the United Federation of Planets - are always happy to lend a hand, although they too suffer similar problems.

The Klingon economy suffered more from the Dominion War then the Federation or Romulan economy did. There are also voices that did not accept the victory over the Dominion as an act of honor, as it was achieved through an alliance with the Federation. Martok's pro-Federation course is not popular throughout all the council. That the Federation sends a lot of economic aid to the Empire does not really help in that area either. The Klingon economists especially claim that Martok is selling the Empire to the Federation, and that he is not a man of honor. While the Dominion War is a shining success in Martok's career, the Empire is still facing their most unstable situation since the destruction of Praxis. Let's see what the future will lead us to. For Honor!

Unique Klingon Weaponry

Ion Torpedo

These warheads have been armed with ion-plasma instead of antimatter, making them very effective against armored targets, especially if the target relies on duranium alloy armor plates. However, in order to achieve an effective detonation area, Ion Torpedoes must be far larger then Photon Torpedoes.

Photon Torpedo

Originally developed by the Klingon Empire at the beginning of the 22nd century, Photon Torpedoes became a default weapon throughout the galaxy. The destructive effect of anti-matter warheads can destroy unshielded targets with a single hit. There are also some smaller versions of Photon Torpedoes in use, trading lesser ammunition storage for greater firepower.

Assault Disruptor

Klingons are known for their weapon technology throughout the quadrant. This latest addition is another masterpiece of Klingon engineers. Assault Disruptors use crystalline emitter devices in order to achieve short cool down times with low heat signatures, enabling large and constant amounts of energy to be fired.


LuSpet Class

The Klingon LuSpet Class is a heavy short-range Cruiser. Its very impressive shielding allows a vessel of this type to sustain massive damage and protect the weaker long-range vessels of your fleet. The vessel is also equipped with a very special weapon: the cluster torpedo launcher. These unique projectiles break through the enemy shielding and detonate within the hull of the targeted vessel. Now they fragment to create smaller explosions which cause additional hull damage in the next seconds by damaging the interior.

E'Djen Class

A completely new generation of Bird of Prey built upon Federation technology. The E'Djen class is an agile attack craft armed with a disruptor and two additional pulse disruptors featuring Federation-inspired computer systems for better targeting and combat flexibility.

K'beajQ Class

One of the most famous small Klingon vessels - the K't'inga - is finally getting a bit old. After more then 300 years of service the Empire decided to replace it with the latest child of its production line, the K'beajQ. Both vessels share a large portion of their technology and their basic construction blueprints, but the K'beajQ profits from the latest shield generator technology and years of experience with the chassis. Fans of the old K't'inga will still be able to acquire it by dispatching a Topmey's storage containers.

Chor Class

The Chor Class is a very old, but still used Klingon design. It is equipped with large shuttle hangars for worker bees. As most civil Klingon vessels are armed, it is also equipped with a strong disruptor array.

Topmey Class

The Topmey class is a modification of the K't'inga class chassis. After the Klingon Empire decided to renew their military forces, many of the old K't'inga class vessels were modified to fulfill new tasks … including resource collecting apparently. P’tah! The Topmey has been done as a separate class in Fleet Operations to avoid confusion. Naming modifications of a base chassis as new classes is really not uncommon for Star Trek and the Klingon Empire - just take a look at all of the Bird of Preys that only differ in size and subtle painting. The Topmey Class has stronger shields, as it can put most of its energy output into hull integrity and shield generators. The disruptors - especially the old ones installed in the K't'inga - consume quite a large portion of energy to be fired. Balancing reasons are there too, of course.

NoQ’duj Class

One of the newer Klingon designs is this very compact scout vessel. It can be produced within very short amount of time and is equipped with the same pulse disruptor as the very popular B'rel class Bird of Prey.

B’rel Class

The B'rel class is a very old, but still common Klingon attack destroyer. It is armed with two forward firing pulse disruptors and has a compact warp/impulse Drive which gives this small vessel superior speed and navigation capability.

K’t’inga Class

The old K't'inga class vessels are one of the first Klingon starships which had been produced in large numbers. Today there are more than four hundred K't'inga class destroyers in service and there are many additional modifications of this chassis, like the Topmey class service vessel.

K’vort Class

This larger version of the B'rel class Bird of Prey is a powerful attack destroyer with forward firing weaponry. Its shield generators and hull armory has been enhanced and a special torpedo launcher has been installed. This allows this offensive vessel to fire a photon torpedo while cloaked, which is strong enough to break through shielding and armor.


The Veqlaragh class is a new klingon design which is capable of inflicting damage over a very long distance (artillery weapon range). The Veqlaragh Class vessel is buildable in a Klingon Field Yard, if you chose to support the House of Duras.

Qaw'Duj Class

This Qaw'Duj class is a very new Klingon starship. It is driven by a new ion-core energy source, which provides impressive firepower for a starship of this size. Its advanced warp nacelles allow this light cruiser to fulfill all missions and still be a heavy weapon support cruiser.

Sang' Class

The Sang' class was designed to replace the old Bird of Prey vessels with a more fitting and modern type of warship. However, because of a lack of resources this goal was never reached. The Sang' class became a multi-purpose long range destroyer with very high movement speed.
The micro-photon torpedoes installed in the Sang' class are one of the greatest technologies the Klingon Empire gained in the 24th century and are a deadly weapon against most starships.

Vor'cha Class

For a long time the Vor'cha class was the most advanced Klingon starship in the empire. This multi-mission cruiser is capable of inflicting massive damage to a target by using its advanced disruptor banks. Its heavy shielding and armor makes it an excellent vessel for every kind of mission and there exist whole fleets of Vor'cha class cruisers in the Empire.

Vutpa' Class

The Vutpa' class is a very powerful cruiser. It has one of the very few defensive Klingon technologies, the Anti Targeting System. This modified chield system reflects enemy sensors and therefore creates sensor echoes of the Vutpa' class, making it nearly impossible to hit the Vutpa' Class with a torpedo.  Beam and pulse weapons have a much smaller chance to hit the Vutpa' as well.

Cho'naQ Class

The Assault Disruptor installed in Cho'naQ class vessels is a modification of the normal disruptor bank. It was extended with a quantum focus device, delivering a very powerful burst of quantum energy on the carrier wave. The only disadvantage of this new weapon system is the very long cool down period.

Negh’var Class

The Negh'var is the flagship of the Klingon Empire, as well the most advanced starship the Klingon Empire has ever built. Its powerful weaponry can even be charged with an incredible amount of ionized particles that can destroy shielding or armor, but will overload the weapon arrays of a Negh'var class vessel for several seconds. If you are wondering why the Negh’var has no cloak in the game it is because in the Fleet Operations Universe the average Negh’var lacks a cloak and of course because of gameplay issues. Since the Romulans are supposed to be the cloakers, it would look odd if all the Klingons’ ships had cloaking devices as well—just of an inferior design.

BortaS Class

The BortaS class is the result of ion particle research. It has special ion emitters installed in its wing armor, which allows the BortaS Class to create a temporary ion storm around itself, damaging everything in its range.


The K'vort will have some "secret" gameplay feature in regard to wing movement.

In the coming patches, TaQ'roja will play much dirtier, compared to the honorable Martok. The Empire honors victories in battle and you become more important in the Klingon Empire if you can win many battles. Look at the Martok from the series for example: his victories during the Dominion War brought him to his current standing as Chancellor.