FO ODF Nomenclature


Path: Fleet Operations\Data\odf.fpq

Due to the number of ODFs and necessity for streamlined functioning, Fleet Operations has specific naming conventions for various groupings of ODFs, indicated by the highlighted red letters. Here are (most) of the entries you should expect to find.

Example ODF Explanation
{faction}R_{ship / station / research}
Refers to the ship / station specific research in question that is a pod classlabel.
{faction}U_{ship / station / research}
Refers to one of the "universal upgrades" (weapons/sensors/engines/lifesupport) for that faction.
{faction}_{ship / station / research}Z or Y
Indicates that the specified unit has some unique values to a particular avatar (perhaps a changed build time, crew level, cost, etc). Sometimes only one of these two letters - or none - are listed for a particular ship.

Unit Files

Ship and station ODFs will begin with the faction that the station / ship / research belongs to. I.e. "bor" = Borg, "rom" = Romulan, "dom" = Dominion, "fed" = Federation, "kli" = Klingon, "nbre" = non-playable Breen.

Example ODF Explanation
Indicates that the unit is in its replaceweapon state (which can be used to change values temporarily as indicated in the chart below). The number of "M" characters next to each other reflects the number of replaceweapons used (might have 1, 2, or even 3).
{faction}_{ship / station}R
On non-Borg ships indicates the refitted version of the vessel.
{faction}_{ship / station}r
When after most other letters it indicates the current rank of the ship all the way up to 6 (veteran).
{faction}_{ship / station}S Indicates that the specified unit is given at game start (after clicking an avatar). This includes the initial starbase.
{faction}_{ship / station}_D and/or W D indicates a defense upgrade (more than one equals more than one upgrade) while W indicates a weapon upgrade.
{faction}_{ship / station}P P indicates a unit that is undergoing refitting.

Vessel Files

Example ODF Explanation
Indicates that the ship is buildable by the McKinley Yard (aka, one of the "Warp-In" ships).
{faction}_{ship}_{bor, fed, kli, dom, rom}
Indicates that the ship is obtained from that faction's mixed tech.
{faction}_{ship}F The fighter of the fighter carrier in question.
{faction}_{ship}MI The vessel is under the effects of Cover Fire.

Borg Vessels

Individual Borg ship module combinations will be referred to by the ship chassis and the abbreviation of the modules. For instance, "bor_dodeca_II" will refer to a Borg Dodecahedron with two Interception Modules. Borg ships will not include the cost of the Collective Uplink and chassis modules and thus the two must be summed if correct values are to be acquired.

Example ODF Explanation
Indicates the cost of the Borg ship chassis alone.
Indicates the cost and build time of the Borg ship chassis (no modules selected) combined with the cost of the Collective Uplink structure.

Station Files

Example ODF Explanation
{faction}_{station}A Indicates the station is built by the construction vessel.

Weapon Files

Units' weapon file names are usually in the following format {faction}W_{unit} for weapons and {faction}W_{unit}o for    ordnance.

Special weapons usually have their files named {faction}_{ability name} and {faction}_{ability}o for ordnance files.

Weapon ordnance ODFs have a simple naming convention, as there are only a maximum of three different types of weaponry in Fleet Operations (beam, torpedo, and pulse).

If a unit has all three types of weapons and has not been refitted (the default setting), Weapon1 refers to the beam weapon,    Weapon2 refers to the torpedo weapon, and Weapon3 refers to the pulse weapon. Additional weapons of each type are added in after the first instance (i.e., if there are two beam weapons, then Weapon1 and Weapon2 would be beam weaponry). This is the order of precedence and thus if a unit is missing one of these types, the WeaponX numbers shift appropriately, but the order of precedence stays the same.

If a unit receives a refit which adds an additional weapon, this weapon receives the next    WeaponX designation. In other words, if the unit starts off with a pulse weapon (Weapon1) and gains a beam weapon, this second weapon will be referred to as Weapon2.

Map Editor Files

Map Editor nomenclature is very self explanatory - all Map Editor entries begin with "edit", and supercategories have only a single unbroken phrase after the underscore. Increasing numbers of underscores indicates increasing depth of the editor (which can only go to a depth of three in any case).

Example ODF Explanation
editmenu This ODF shows what supercategories will be listed upon entering the Map Editor.
edit_{faction} This is one of the supercategories, as indicated within the ODF.
edit_{faction}_{stations / vessels}Z or Y This is one of the subcategories, as indicated within the ODF.