Tips and Tricks


Testing a Unit Without Touching an ODF

If you have just edited a model and / or want to test it in-game without having to mod anything, a simple solution is to name the model something like fed_saber.sod and put it in the Addon folder.  Then, just place the Saber or selected unit on a map through the Map Editor and you can test it out. You will be able to see the model, size, effects, textures etc, all without even opening an ODF. In-fact, it would even be buildable if you wanted!

Positive Costs/Deductions

By setting a value that would normally be positive (such as an ODF command which deducts costs when you build a vessel), you can force the command to instead give you those funds.

Dealing with Huge Ships and Background Objects

If you ever plan to have a giant ship or huge background object in your mod (such as the Argus Array in Fleet Ops), be sure to physically lower the model in whatever modeling program you use, rather than physically lowering it in the Map Editor. Lowering objects in the Map Editor usually causes visibility issues, and large ships that move on normal levels will always have massive pathing issues - and nobody likes pathing issues.

Making a Rotating Turret

When creating a turret that you want to turn to engage an enemy unit there are several things to keep in mind. First, the classlabel of the unit's ODF should be set to "craft" and the ainame to "CraftProcess" .

Secondly, the physics file(s) that the unit's ODF references should have the impulse speed set to zero so that no forward movement is incurred, and the various accelerations set so that the turret can still turn.

physics = "smooth"
combatSpeed = 20 // Used to make the station turn
impulseSpeed = 0
warpSpeed = 0

// How fast it accelerates forward, normal is 1
forwardAccel = 0.3;
// How fast it decelerates, fraction of forwardAccel
backwardAccel = 0.3;

// Maximum turn rate, normalized to 1
turnOmega = 0.01;
// Maximum turn acceleration/deceleration, normalized to 1, scales with turnOmega
// scales with turnOmega
turnAlpha = 0.12;

Note that the location and number of hardpoints do not matter - the turret will still try to "face" the hostile unit.

You can also use the restrictfirearc command firearc values to narrow the weapon's firing arc if you so desire.

Changing the Firearc Facing

Where the firearc faces (broadsides versus backwards versus forwards, etc) is simply determined by the facing of the hardpoint. By correctly rotating the hardpoint, firearcs can be created for any direction.

Enabling Single Player Missions

Set the RTS_CFG switch (int cfgSINGLE_PLAYER_ENABLED = 1).

Copy the files from Armada II/bitmaps/single into fleetops/data/bitmaps/single.

Edit the mission_select section in the file - add your mission files (see stock for examples).

mission_select {
    + title            {SELECT MISSION}
    + ok_button        {O.K.}
    + cancel_button        {Cancel}
    + a2_fed01.bzn        {Invasion}

Edit the mshell.set file - simply add the map names separated by new lines, and use the '-' symbol to separate campaigns.

// Misc. missions here: (and tutorial missions)
// Fed missions here:

Directly Launching Missions / Maps

Specific missions and maps can be opened directly into the Map Editor by creating a shortcut and adding the following command line parameter, after the target line (after the last quotation mark):

 /edit mapname.bzn

Note that mission sripts made using Megadroid's Mission Mod will not be launched via this Map Editor option.

Missions and maps can be launched directly by creating a shortcut and adding the following command line parameter, after the target line (after the last quotation mark):


In either circumstance, simply replace "mapname" with the map / mission of your choice. This makes it much faster to jump into a particular map or mission without having to navigate through all the various menus.

Testing Without the AI

Games can be launched with a disabled AI by creating a shortcut and adding the following command line parameter, after the target line (after the last quotation mark):


This can be useful if you want to make sure that crashes are only caused by units you place, or if you just want to test something without the AI bothering you.