Explosion is the basic classlabel for explosion ODFs (note however that if you set an ODF's classlabel to Explosion, the ODF will crash the game). The commands available for the Explosion classlabel are inherited by all explosions that are subclasses of an explosion. For instance, ShockwaveCannon has all the commands that ShockwaveExplosion has.

Explosions are used by some    Weapon, Ordnance, and GameObject classlabels to create area of effect results.



Stock ODF Commands


String, Default: Null

The sound file played when the explosion triggers. Requires file extension. Limited to 16 charactors (including file extension!).

explSound = "xplbldgb.wav"


Boolean, Default: FALSE

When set to true (1), the GameObject that created the explosion is credited in the Admiral's Log for the destruction of any units from the explosion.

Note that if false (0), destroyed GameObjects are not listed as destroyed in the Admiral's Log.