The Explosion uses a model and can specify an additional file for damage and more flexible texture attributes.

classLabel = "fireballexplode"

Stock ODF Commands


String, Default: "xplode"

The name of the model used for the explosion. No file extension required.

dbName = "xplode"


Float, Default: 1.0

The maximum number of seconds that the explosion visual (defined by the Craft ODF command fireball) and accompanying explosion sound (xplSound) will last. If set shorter than the audio / visual, these factors will be cut off.

Note that if length is less than shockwaveDelay, no shockwave will be generated.

length = 3.5


String, Default: Null

Determines which shockwave ODF is used for this explosion. No .odf extension required.

shockwave = "xshock"


Float, Default: 0.0

The delay in seconds to create the shockwave after the explosion has been triggered.

shockwaveDelay = 0.6


Float, Default: ???

Functionality unknown: if too high, no shockwave generated at all

Original comments: Minimum radius to generate shockwave. -> if too low, also no shockwave generated. SelfDestruct seems to ignore this.

shockwaveMinimum = 40.0


Boolean, Default: FALSE

When set to true (1), the GameObject that destroyed the unit which exploded is credited in the Admiral's Log for the destruction of any other units from the explosion.

Note that if false (0), destroyed GameObjects are not listed as destroyed in the Admiral's Log.