Fleet Operations only.

Can be used to create explosions which visually shake (rumble) the in-game screen. Can also be used to spawn GameObjects when the explosion triggers.

classlabel = "RumbleExplode"

Fleet Operations ODF Commands


Float, Default: 0.0

The length of time in seconds that the rumble effect lasts.


Float, Default: 0.0

The area within which the shaking is experienced, as centered on the exploded GameObject.


Integer, Default: 0

The strength of the shaking. A value that is too high will cause the Player to be unable to move the screen over rumbleArea.


Boolean, Default: FALSE

When set to true (1), the explosion will appear at the root of the GameObject it hits. When false, the explosion appears at the hardpoint where the hit occurred.

Note that if a GameObject is spawned by the explosion and the target is not destroyed, this spawned unit will be attached to the target's root (or specific hardpoint). If the target GameObject and / or the spawned GameObject have a physicsFile (and avoidMe is true), the joined Craft will behave very oddly (dance around the map) until either unit is removed.


String, Default: Null

Determines which GameObject spawns when the explosion occurs. Does not require .odf extension.

GameObjects are spawned as Perceived Team 0 and Team 0.

Note that GameObjects are spawned with the same orientation as the Craft that was attacked.