ODF Files

ODF stands for "Object Definition File". These files contain properties for all objects that are used within Armada II. These can be objects like vessels, map objects (asteroids etc), and weapon ordnances, but also settings for objects in a wider sense, in the form of settings about factions, teamcolors, ship caps and various others.


ODF files can be stored in the following directories relative to the Fleet Operations Data\ directory or from the root of a Modification Module:


It does not matter in which of these directories the ODF files are stored, all that is important is their filename. Be careful not to use the same filename twice in different directories, otherwise only one of the files you created will be used.

FPQ Container

In Fleet Operations a container format for ODF files was introduced. This file format makes it possible to load a large amount of ODF files a lot faster than when used from the "traditional" directories. For more information see ODF and FPQ Manipulation.

Creation and Editing

ODF files can be created and edited with a text editor like Windows Notepad. A detailed overview of all possible commands of ODF files can be found in the ODF Commands section.

Stock Armada II provided ODFs tagged as read-only files to prevent users from accidentally modifying these files. This feature can be disabled in the file properties through Windows Explorer, as described in more depth in Editing Text Files.