Modding Guidelines


Modding Non-Fleet Operations Material

Please note that editing a model may be against the author's wishes. If you plan on releasing any kind of edits, be sure that you have the person's permission (if it is requested on the readme). Editing a model and releasing it to the public without an author’s permission could have serious consequences in the small Armada II community. If you have any doubts, ask. A personal mod is a personal mod. 

Modding Fleet Operations Material

Here are a few modding guidelines laid out by Optec, one of the developers of the Fleet Operations' conversion.

Am I allowed to release Fleet Operations mods?

Yep, you are completely free to mod Fleet Operations and release your work, as long as a few points are taken into account:

  • You leave proper credits along with a link to the Fleet Operations website in your readme.
  • You are not redistributing Fleet Operations' material. Please understand that Fleet Operations includes some exclusive material, like textures and models, from 3rd party authors. If you want to modify Fleet Operations' material for your mod, please leave a message in the Modding Forum first to get permission from a Fleet Operations Development Team member. This also includes the executable. Your mod has to require an installed Fleet Operations first, please do not redistribute the executables. If you have any questions, ask or send the files to Optec. Redistribution includes posting download links to a modded Fleet Ops in a forum.
  • Simple text files like ODFs, sprite files, techtrees and similar content do not require permission to be edited, of course, but please don't remove copyright information if present.
  • The work you want to release is yours or you have permission by the author to do so.

We are always happy to get linked Smiley

Am I allowed to use Fleet Operations material like models or textures in a project of mine, which is not a Fleet Operations mod?

As mentioned above we can't give you free permission, as Fleet Operations contains 3rd party work. Please leave a message first and get permission from a Fleet Operations Development Team member to do so.

Do I have to ask for permission if I'm just using Fleet Operations material in a personal mod of mine, without releasing it?

Nope, of course not. Happy modding!

Will you host my work?

Sadly we cant provide hosts for all upcoming Fleet Operations mods. But you are always welcome to link them in the Modding Forum.

I encounter crashes on my mod!

If sending bug reports from your personal mods, please add a comment about that little fact when sending the report. That helps a lot to identify the errors.

Remember: always doublecheck your syntax. Most crashes can be caused by the simplest thing, such as a missing comma or quotation mark.

I started to mod, but I require help!

Feel free to recruit modders for your project in the forums (though please don't expect to get one of the always busy Fleet Operations Development Team members). If you are having trouble with certain codes, questions about textures or headaches with a model, there are a lot of people around here to help!

Happy Modding!