The Explosion uses a texture to display a shockwave. In-game the texture is quadrupled to initially form four concentric rings extending in the Y-axis (3D). As the shockwave expands, the rings begin to fold on the X-axis, toward the original epicenter.

Does not use the DamageBase, damageVariance, damageThreshold, shieldCrewModifier, or hullCrewModifier ODF commands.

classLabel = "omegaexplode"

Stock ODF Commands


Float, Default: ~30.0

The height of the shockwave.

waveHeight = 100.0


Float, Default: 1.0

Determines how far in toward the epicenter the top and bottom edge of the shockwaves extend initially.

0 is perfectly flat along the X-axis and 1 is perfectly horizontal (so that each ring is completely distinct).

topEdgeModifier = 0.95