Pack Tutorial

This tutorial will cover how to make a pack file and how they work - it will cover the advantages (and disadvantages) of packs and when they should be used.

What is a pack?

A pack file is essentially just a zip file of all the code required for your mission. It allows you to easily redistribute your mission as one file without having to make any changes to the code itself. Packing a mission will preserve the files structure of your mission.

When to use a pack

You should only use a pack when you have finished developing and testing your mission. When in pack mode, debugging information is significantly reduced so unpacked mode should be used during development. 

If there is a packed and unpacked version of the same mission, the pack will take priority.

The pack should be named the same as your mission title and must contain the MissionTitle.lua file and should have the extension mmmpack. If your mission was called Test, your pack would be called Test.mmmpack. It should be placed in the same place as your unpacked script was (the missions directory).

The loader DSL should not be included in the pack, but should be redistributed along with the mmmpack and the bzn.


  • Zip of all script files
  • Extension should be .mmmpack
  • Takes priority over unpacked files