The GameObject that travels between TradingStations carrying cargo. CargoShips dock, transfer their cargo, then take up cargo before leaving. The AI process is called "CargoShipProcess".

CargoShips have a resource bar (and text labels) that displays the amount and type of cargo or resources that are currently carried by the Craft. Note that if the CargoShip acts as a Resource object (when the base GameObject resource ODF command is defined), the resource bar will visually appear full and can be drained by Freighters (although the text labels will not be affected). If this Resource CargoShip is filled with cargo or resources by a TradingStation, it will display these properties correctly, but can still be mined.

For non-player-controlled (NPC) CargoShips that spawn off the map and trade with available TradingStations the AI process is called "TraderProcess". These vessels cannot be captured or controlled (except through special weapons) and any transporting action will add to the vessel's crew. Only one NPC CargoShip type may be specified (by zfercarg.odf), as the name referencing is hardcoded.

classlabel = "cargo_ship"

Stock ODF Commands


Integer, Default: 150

Determines the maximum amount of cargo the CargoShip may carry.