Creates a Craft which can be used to colonize Planets. The AI process is called "ColonyShipProcess". Colony Craft circle around the Planet when ordered to colonize it.

Note that the physicsFile controls some aspects of hardcoded behavior.

classlabel = "colony"

Stock ODF Commands


Integer, Default: 0

Determines which weaponX entry is used for the appropriate colonizing action. The specified integer will correspond to the weapon designation.

This is used in Armada II for the Borg Colony vessel to allow it to switch between the colonizer weapon1 and the crew killing weapon2 (if it is a hostile, crewed Planet). If cleansingWeaponIndex in this instance is set to 0, the vessel will be unable to use its second weapon to remove crew from a hostile Planet and will get stuck using the colonizer weapon with no success. If cleansingWeaponIndex = 2, the colony vessel will correctly attempt to attack the hostile Planet, but will become stuck because weapon2 has been cleared.

cleansingWeaponIndex = 0 // Use weapon1 to colonize (default)

Note that if cleansingWeaponIndex is defined with any integer X (regardless if a corresponding weaponX exists) for the Colony, the Craft will not circle around the Planet as it colonizes, but will instead remain motionless.