This GameObject can seek out enemy units to attack them without being controlled by the player. The AI process is called "MineProcess".

classlabel = "minearray"

Stock ODF Commands


Float, Default: ~500 Float???

How far out from the MineArray's location that it can detect and thus chase foes.

Note that this is independent of the rangeScan of the MineArray (the Craft does not need to even have a working sensor subsystem to detect targets).


Float, Default: ???

The repulsion force exerted on the MineArray by the target. At low orders of magnitude (double digits) drag will not overcome accelCont and thus the MineArray will move very slowly toward its target.

Note that a negative value is the attractive force.


Integer, Default: ???

The MineArray's acceleration until it reaches its maximum target-chasing speed.


Float, Default: <0.1

The radius of the Explosion when the MineArray is destroyed. As an Explosion deals its full damage only after it has begun expanding, reducing this value decreases the total damage that will be dealt.


Integer, Default: ???

The speed at which the MineArray returns to its original build location.


Integer, Default: ???

The distance to the original build location at which point the MineArray begins decelerating from its maximum returnSpeed.


Float, Default: ???

The initial value of acceleration for this GameObject. ??? If higher than the acceleration value (see above ODF command), accelCont will take over.