This GameObject can only be placed on / orbiting a Planet to mine resources and prevents other GameObjects from mining resources from the Planet. Important ODF command: resourcesCanHandle. PlanetMiningBases can only handle Metal.

Note that PlanetMiningStations equipped with weapons that have ordnances will attempt to continuously fire at the Planet the unit is orbiting (special = 1 has no effect other than to display a button), provided resourcesCanHandle is valid. If the weapon is a CannonImp, usePrimaryTarget = 0 will cause these weapons to target any nearby designated GameObjects (although the weapon cannot be manually controlled). Resource and specialEnergyCosts are correctly accounted.

PlanetMiningBases will not be able to mine from Planets that have avoidMe = 0 . This Craft will be destroyed if the Planet is removed.

Weapons that do not require an Ordnance to function (like the ReflectWeapon) will operate normally.

classlabel = "p_mining"

Stock ODF Commands


Float, Default: 1.0

Modifies the value of the Resource configuration miningRate ODF command by this fraction (1.0 = 100%).

Amount of resources mined from a Resource object for every second the MiningBeam is active is determined by: miningMultiplicator * lifeSpan (of the MiningBeam Ordnance) * miningRate.


Float, Default: 45.0

The length of time in seconds it takes for the PlanetMiningBase to complete one orbit around the Planet.