This GameObject is used to construct objects by selecting a location on the map where the buildItem will be constructed. The ConstructionRig is stationary for the duration of construction and can deploy untargetable workerBees which swarm around the construction object.

If the ConstructionRig has an animation built into its model, it will play it forward upon beginning construction and backward upon ending construction.

Note that regular weapons are completely disabled while the ConstructionRig is constructing a buildItem.

classlabel = "constructionrig"

Stock ODF Commands


Integer, Default: 6

The number of workerbees carried by the ConstructionRig.


Boolean, Default: FALSE

When set to true (1), if the workerbees have an animation, they will display it.


String, Default: "fbee"

Determines which workerBee model will be used.


String, Default: "root"

Specifies which hardpoint on the ConstructionRig the workerBee emerges from and returns to at the end of construction. Each workerBee can have one hardpoint specified. More than one workerBee may share the same hardpoint. The ConstructionRig model must have the appropriate hardpoints.

workerBeeHardpoints = "hp01" "hp06" "hp07" "hp08" "hp08" // If numberOfWorkerBees = 5, two will use hardpoint 8 to emerge and return.

Note, if the command is present, but undefined, the default for workerBeeHardpoints appear to be bot1, bot2, bot3, bot4, bot5 etc if the joint on the model is included.


String, Default: "phaser"

The sprite used for the workerBee's welding beam.


Float, Default: 1.0

The width of the welding beam used by workerBees.


Float, Default: 1.0

Time in seconds from when construction begins to when the workerBees take off from the ConstructionRig and begin their animation.


Float, Default: 1.0

Time in seconds when the workerBees land on the ConstructionRig to when they disappear.


Float, Default: 1.0

Time in seconds that workerBees spend at each individual point while welding.