Creates a GameObject which may be colonized by colony weapons. Planets don't need a lifesupport subsystem to support colonists / crew.

Planets do not start with shields or a shield subsystem, but may build a PlanetShield if given the option (which enables the subsystem as well). For PlanetShields to work properly on Planets the race ODF command must be specified (otherwise the shield will drain almost immediately when fired upon). Planets can only build PlanetShields (other GameObjects will cause a crash when their construction is completed).

Planets require the resource GameObject ODF command to be defined or they will cause a crash. Planets have a separate "resource bar" that is displayed and can only have a single tooltip. This bar diminishes as Metal or Biomatter resources are removed - it will visually display as zero for Dilithium or Latinum (although these resources can still be mined).

Planets can inhibit warp in a wider field of radius through RTS_CFG.h commands.

This GameObject cannot be destroyed. Planets block ordnances and weapons from passing through them and cannot be ignored for avoidance pathing. Planets rotate counterclockwise on their vertical axis at random velocities. Planets create a spherical model in-game regardless of the original shape of the model.

classlabel = "planet"

Stock ODF Commands


String, Default: "unpopulated"

Gives the option of choosing between several classes of population density.

Category Maximum Population
"unpopulated" 0
"sparse" 1000
"light" 2000
"medium" 3000
"heavy" 5000

Note that these values can be changed with the RTS_CFG.h Planet Population commands.


Boolean, Default: TRUE

When set to false (0), the Planet is uninhabitable and the Colonize command will not display when the Planet is hovered by a ColonyShip.


Float, Default: 0.0 ???

Has no effect in Stock Armada II or Fleet Ops.


Float, Default: 1.0

Modifies the RTS_CFG.h->cfgPLANET_CIVILIAN_RATE_MODIFIER by this fraction to determine the rate at which new civilians are added to the Planet's population.


Integer, Default: 0

Defines the size of the increase to the maximum size of the total crew resource (visible on the GUI if specified) once the Planet is captured. The configuration crewAccumulationRate ODF command determines the rate of addition.


Float, Default: 0.0

The speed at which the atmosphere specified by atmosphereTextureName spins relative to the groundTextureName / Planet model.


Float, Default: 1.0

The distance from the groundTexture to the atmosphereTexture.

Greater than 0 has both atmosphere and ground displayed. 0 turns off the atmosphere texture. Less than -1 turns off the ground texture.


String, Default: "PA_ECFR0"

Determines which texture is used for the atmosphere of the Planet. Does not require file extension.


String, Default: "PB_CLSSM"

Determines which texture is used for the ground of the Planet. Does not require file extension.


Boolean, Default: TRUE

When set to true (1), the texture used by atmosphereTextureName (only atmosphere???) is warped and contorted to resemble atmospheric turbulence.