This GameObject can only research one buildItem at a time, and buildItems are not queueable nor can they be paused (only cancelled). Once a particular buildItem is constructed, its build button becomes invalid for that particular ResearchStation, until that buildItem is removed.

Each of the first 14 buildItems in the ResearchStation's build list can only be built once by the given station, until the given buildItem is destroyed.

In Fleet Operations ResearchStations can handle other objects besides ResearchPods as modules. Can now build with modules specified in their ODF that spawn-build with the station. GameObjects built as modules are by default destroyed (this can be changed with the Craft destroyMeWithResearchStation ODF command) when the ResearchStation is destroyed. Pods cannot be made to move independently of their ResearchStations.

Note that when the GameObject ODF command avoidMe = 0 (for either the pod or ResearchStation) all resulting movement issues resulting from moveable modules / ResearchStations are fixed:

1. Modules would "look bad" (dance on the podHardpoint) if they had working engine subsystems.

2. If a ResearchStation with functional engines built a module and was given a Move command, it would behave very oddly (dance around the map): this could mostly be avoided by having the module build at the forward end of the ResearchStation (for Borg physics parameters, choose any centered edge of the craft), exactly along its central axis.

classlabel = "research"

Stock ODF Commands


String, Default: Null

Defines the hardpoint on the ResearchStation's model where the GameObjects will be built from. The ResearchStation must have the appropriate hardpoint. Multiple hardpoints can be defined.

podHardpoints = "hp02" "hp05"


String, Default: Null

Determines the particular GameObject which will be constructed as a secondaryBuildItem.

This secondaryBuildItem's build button will appear in the same location as buildItemX (after the latter has been built) and the secondaryBuildItem will be built at the same hardpoint as buildItemX and replaces it entirely (the model is removed). Does not require .odf extension.

Used specifically for universal upgrades (available from ResearchPods) so that the second upgrade (the secondaryBuildItem) overwrites the first linked upgrade, preventing a linked first upgrade from overwriting an existing second upgrade when that first upgrade is built by another ResearchStation.

Cannot use hotkeys.

buildItem0 = "8472_PodBasic0"
secondaryBuildItem0 = "fyard"


Boolean, Default: FALSE

When set to true (1), the buildItem indicated by X will receive priority over the first build location (as indicated by buildHardpoint) and no other GameObject will be built from that location.

Fleet Operations ODF Commands


Integer, Default: 0

The integer X indicates the particular buildItem whose behavior is being changed.

0 = default, buildItemX will need to be researched by the Player and the AI.
1 = buildItemX will be attached to the ResearchStation right after the station completes construction.
2 = buildItemX will need to be researched by the Player, but for the AI buildItemX will be attached to the ResearchStation right after the station completes construction.

In Fleet Operations this is used for the Klingon Field Yard to make modular stations (and to auto-build a repair functionality).