This GameObject provides a shield to Planets if set as a buildItem. PlanetShield can only be used in conjunction with Planets.

Note that the PlanetShield research is lost if the Planet loses all crew (but not if captured during boarding).

classlabel = "planet_shield"

Stock ODF Commands


Integer, Default: 10

The maximum number of hitpoints that the PlanetShield's shield generator has after construction. Overwrites the Craft shieldGeneratorHitpoints ODF command for the Planet.

Note that when hitPoints is set to 0, as long as shieldGeneratorHitpoints is defined with a value, the subsystem will still appear green rather than greyed out. If hitPoints = 0, the Planet's shieldRate ODF command and shieldDown animation are nullified (can be used to create one time use shields).


Integer, Default: 10

The percent chance that the shieldGenerator subsystem (as defined by hitPoints) will be hit (1 = 1%). Overwrites the Craft shieldgeneratorHitPercent ODF command for the Planet.