Designates the unit as a repair unit which may repair targeted units. The RepairShip unit requires a weapon or the game may crash. The AI process is called "RepairShipProcess".

Note that the Craft canAttack ODF command for RepairShips has a slightly different function: it allows these Craft to chase after targets even when equipped with a MiningBeam Ordnance.

Special Weapons / Movement Autonomy allows the RepairShip to automatically repair nearby friendly vessels. The distance to which RepairShips close to in order to begin repairs can be configured in the RTS_CFG.h->REPAIR_SHIP_DISTANCE

classLabel = "RepairShip"

Stock ODF Commands


Float, Default: 0.2

Acts as a multiplier for the hardcoded shield, hull and system repair rates.

Repair rates are calculated internally by Armada in this way:
Shield repair per second: 50 * repairRate
Hull and system repair per second: 100 * repairRate

Assumption: The actual hitpoints restored per second seem to be 100 * repairRate * healthRate

Fleet Operations ODF Commands


Float, Default: 0.2, Pair Array

In Fleet Operations this command can accept individual repairRates for separate units. See information about the stock command to understand how Armada II internally calculates the repairRate.

repairRate = 0.2 // Default
"fed_galaxy" = 0.4
"fed_akira" = 0.1


Boolean, Default: FALSE

When set to true (1), this RepairShip can also repair the shields of a damaged vessel.