Creates a GameObject which can deal damage to nearby units. More than one IonStorm cannot occupy overlapping space - if two or more IonStorms should be placed where their effectRadius overlaps, only the last placed IonStorm will remain. Cannot damage kspecial.odf GameObjects.

IonStorms do not have a footprint and are unselectable in-game.

classlabel = "ionstorm_obj"

Stock ODF Commands


Integer, Default: 0

The amount of damage dealt every second to GameObjects affected by the Ionstorm.


Float, Default: <<1.0

The length of time in seconds the GameObject remains before being removed. If set to zero the GameObject is permanent.


Float, Default: 0.0

The speed at which the model of the Ionstorm spins. A positive value is in the clockwise direction and a negative value is counterclockwise.

rotation = 0.005


Float, Default: ~0.20

The percentage the model of the GameObject increases at each step (1.0 = 1.0%).


Float, Default: ~1.0

The number of steps to take to reach the maximum size of the GameObject.