Used for resource nebulae which can support all resource types. LatinumNebulae do not have footprints by default.

When mined, LatinumNebulae shrink in size based on the ratio of amt{resource} left to the original amt{resource} (configuration ODF command). When exhausted, LatinumNebulae are deleted.

LatinumNebulae have a separate "resource bar" that is displayed and can only have a single tooltip. This bar diminishes as resources are removed.

Note that because the BZN file saves the ODF information, if amt{resource} is changed without replacing the resource GameObject ODF for the map, graphical errors can result: the ratio between maxHealth and amt{resource} determines how large the GameObject appears when first on the map (if maxHealth is much higher than amtLatinum, for instance, the GameObject will be huge and vice versa).

classlabel = "latinum"

Stock ODF Commands


Float, Default: 0.0 ???

Has no effect in Stock Armada II or Fleet Ops.