Used for resource moons which can support all resource types. Scrap have footprints by default. Scrap rotate at random axis and at random velocities.

When mined, Scrap shrink in size based on the ratio of amt{resource} left to the original amt{resource} (configuration ODF command). This GameObject cannot be destroyed.

Scrap have a separate "resource bar" that is displayed and can only have a single tooltip. This bar diminishes as resources are removed.

Note that because the BZN file saves the ODF information, if amt{resource} is changed without replacing the resource GameObject ODF for the map, graphical errors can result: the ratio between maxHealth and amt{resource} determines how large the GameObject appears when first on the map (if maxHealth is much higher than amtDilithium, for instance, the GameObject will be huge and vice versa).

classlabel = "scrap"

Stock ODF Commands


Float, Default: 0.0 ???

Has no effect in Stock Armada II or Fleet Ops.