AllCommands Configuration


The AllCommands configuration file is hardcoded to accept only a single file as valid: allcommands.odf . This file defines which ODF corresponds to which Command and which Command receives which hotkey label in the file. See Commands configuration to configure individual Command ODFs defined by allcommands.odf .

Note that this file cannot use the #include instruction and will always overwrite a parent file when used in a submod.

Stock Configuration ODF Commands


String, Default: Null

Determines which ODFs will define the Commands used in Fleet Operations.

commandnames = "recrew.odf" "transport.odf" "rally.odf" "attack.odf" "stop.odf" "guard.odf" "patrol.odf" //Some examples


String, Default: Null (no hotkey relay set)

Determines which Command ODF (from commandNames) corresponds to the label used by the file to assign a hotkey to the Command.

It is not necessary to define a hotkey-command pairing here, but the game expects that every command is accompanied by a hotkey label and vice versa. If a valid Command ODF (with file extension) is not accompanied by a hotkey label (or vice versa) the game will crash.

Order and location of the command and hotkey labels do not matter.

commandhotkey = "recrew" "recrew.odf" //Pairing example