Races Configuration

The Races configuration file is hardcoded to accept only a single file as valid: races.odf .

Stock Configuration ODF Commands


String, Default: 0

Defines the total number of factions that can be used by Armada. This thus determines how many factions can be displayed on the faction selection drop down menu in the Game Setup window.

numberOfRaces = 9


String, Default: Null

Determines which ODF is used to define each faction configuration file. Each X must be a separate integer, starting with 0.

These values do not determine the order of the factions in any selection menu. Requires .odf file extension.

race0 = "borg.odf"
race1 = "fed.odf"
race2 = "kling.odf"
race3 = "rom.odf"
race4 = "card.odf"
race5 = "fer.odf"
race6 = "species8472.odf"
race7 = "norace.odf"