Does not require an Ordnance file.

This weapon can be used to fuse several units into a single new unit. If more than 8 GameObjects are used for a FusingWeapon, the weapon may have trouble putting the additional units into formation so that fusion may commence.

Note that when this weapon is used by a Craft with the ODF command is_starbase = 1, Armada will crash.

classLabel = "fusingweapon"

Stock ODF Commands


String, Default: Null

The unit that is created when fusion is complete. Does not require .odf extension.

Note that this fusedClass inherits all the statistics of the Craft that were fused together. For example, if the FusingWeapon requires two Craft and the lifesupport subsystem on one Craft is destroyed completely, and is undamaged on the second, the fusedClass will have a 50% damaged lifesupport subsystem.

fusedClass = "your_fused_ship"


Boolean, Default: FALSE

When set to true (1), the units undergoing fusion will have a hardcoded behavior to look good when fusing the Stock Galaxy Class saucer and stardrive sections.


Integer, Default: 0

The initial distance determines the positions the fusing units will go to before starting fusion. This is accomplished in a sphere around the fusing location. For example, for the Fusion Cube in Stock Armada II, this is the distance for the 8 Cubes from the center. If the fusing units cannot get to the initialDistance because it is set closer than their collision avoidance parameters, the units will be unable to complete the formation and will cause an abort.


Integer, Default: 0

The final distance is the distance to which the units undergoing fusion will move to during the fusion process, before getting replaced into the fusedClass.


Float, Default: Infinite

The length of time in seconds allowed for the units to get to initialDistance before fusion is cancelled.


Float, Default: 0.0

The cost in metal when fusion is succesful.


Event, Default: Null

The event that is played when the weapon is fired.


String, Default: Null

The event that is played when fusion is cancelled.