Causes the owner GameObject to target itself (ordnances fired from this weapon hit the owner). Requires an Ordnance file.

If configured as a special weapon (special = 1) and if needTarget = 0, when the weapon is coupled with an Ordnance other than a NebulaCreator, UtritiumBeam or UniTorpedo, the game will crash if the weapon is activated by the AI or by special weapons autonomy.

This weapon can only be used by a Craft GameObject: it does not work when used by any TerrainObjects (like the UtritiumBall - u_ball_obj) and will cause a crash.

Does not use shotDelay or hitChance (never misses) ODF commands.

classlabel = "NebGeneration"

Stock ODF commands

nebulaID *

String, Default: Null

* Appears to have no effect in Armada II or Fleet Ops. Indicates the Nebula ODF that will be used for this weapon. No .odf extension required.

nebulaid = "map_nebula_nucleonset"


Float, Default: 0.0

Determines the amount of special energy used when the weapon is triggered. Note that this ODF command is listed a second time due to its different gameplay effect:

Although the NebulaGeneration Weapon requires an Ordnance file, the energy costs for firing the weapon are deducted from the Weapon's specialEnergyCost command, and not the Ordnance's.