Does not require an Ordnance file.

Only assimilates special weapons. When used on a GameObject which carries valid special weapons (Weapon assimilatable ODF command) the unit is instructed to enter the TechAssimWeapon owner's queue. Weapons are assimilated in order of the owner GameObject's weaponX assignment. If the assimilated Craft carries more than one valid special weapon, all of them will be assimilated (provided there are enough podHardpoints).

The ResearchPod that researched that special weapon will be attached to the Craft carrying the TechAssimWeapon. Note that the ResearchPod has technology requirements, so if it is unavailable to the player that uses the TechAssimWeapon (either because the special weapon has not been researched, or is restricted to certain factions), the special weapon cannot be assimilated. If the ResearchPod on the Craft carrying the TechAssimWeapon is destroyed, the research is lost for the assimilating player. After the ResearchPod(s) is constructed (using the buildTime of the researchPod), the unit that was being assimilated is deconstructed.

Assimilated special weapons are assigned to specific classes of units.

Does not use shotDelay command or hitChance (never misses) ODF command.

classlabel = "techassim"

Stock ODF commands


String, Default: Null

These are the classes of Craft that are assigned the assimilated special weapons. When a special weapon is assimilated, its weapon is transferred as an extraWeapon to these GameObjects, provided the Craft maxExtraWeapons ODF command allows it.

assignClass0 =  "bor_assimilatorBTR"
assignClass1 =  "bor_sphereBBRR"
assignClass2 =  "bor_assi_matrixZ"
assignClass3 =  "bor_incubationZ"