Requires an Ordnance file. Fires more than one ordnance from the weapon. Can be used to hit an area rather than a specific target, although effects do not hit the owner. Shots will fire from separate hardpoints if allowed.

If a target is within the visual range of the AreaEffectCannon's owner, yet other targets are beyond this visual range, the AreaEffectCannon will still fire on each of these targets (provided they are within the Weapon's range).

Does not use hitChance (never misses) ODF command.

Has some additional effects compared to the similar AreaEffectMissile:

1. The AreaEffectCannon cannot fire on Planet GameObjects.

2. If set as a regular weapon and if the owner Craft's rangeScan is longer than the Weapon range, when a target enters the Craft's rangeScan - but not the Weapon range - the AreaEffectCannon will fire repeatedly in a random direction. If set as a special weapon (special = 1), when triggered while there is no target in range, the AreaEffectCannon will fire in a random direction.

classlabel = "areacannon"

Stock ODF Commands


Integer, Default: 0

Weapon hits:

0 = all
1 = all non-enemies
2 = all non-allies
3 = all except cloaked and invalid (Fleet Ops only)
4 = all allies except cloaked and invalid (Fleet Ops only)
5 = all enemies except cloaked and invalid (Fleet Ops only)
6 = all except invalid (Fleet Ops only)
7 = all allies except invalid (Fleet Ops only)
8 = all enemies except invalid (Fleet Ops only)


Boolean, Default: FALSE

When set to true (1), the weapon will have a wave-effect (rather than a SOD / sprite ).


String, Default: "xartil.odf" when waveEffect = 1

Indicates the Explosion ODF that is used for a wave-type weapon. No .odf extension needed.

wavename = "example"


Integer, Default: 20

Determines the maximum number of targets the weapon may hit.


Float, Default: see below

The radius of the wave effect of the weapon. If waveRange is not set, waveRange gets its value from the "range" ODF command.