global instance

The Game library contains global settings and properties for the current game as well as current MMM settings.


Name Type Access Description
time Number R The time that has elapsed since the start of the game. This does not increase when the player is in the shell or when the game is paused.
updateTime Number RW The interval at which MMM will update your scripts, monitors and timers. By default this is 0 - that is they will be updated every time.
allowSave Boolean RW If true, the player can save in the menu.
allowWarp Boolean RW Controls whether ships can use their warp drives to move around the map.
gameSpeed Number RW Controls how fast the game executes  - this must be a positive, non-zero number. 
isHost Boolean R True if the player is the host of the game - always true in single player.
seed Number R The random number generator seed for this mission. If this is a multiplayer mission this is the same on all computers.
localSlot Number R Get the slot number of this player.