If targetLocation = 1, the ordnance will only fly to the target's last location when the weapon was given the Attack command.

If the Weapon ODF command needTarget = 1, targetLocation should usually be set to 1 (otherwise, the ordnance can get "stuck" on a target unit and fail to spawn its Explosion). If targetLocation = 0 however, the ordnance will lead its target (although if the target abruptly changes direction, so will the ordnance).

Uses the sprite ODF command. Does not use the shotGeometry ODF command.

classlabel = "artillery"

Stock ODF Commands


Float, Default: 100.0

Determines the unmodified radius of the Explosion.


String, Default:

The sprite that is used when the Ordnance detonates upon hitting its target. ***Appears non-functional in Armada II / Fleet Ops.


Float, Default:

Modifies the radius of the explosionSprite. ***Appears non-functional in Armada II / Fleet Ops.


String, Default: "xartil" *

Determines which Explosion ODF is used.

* The GameObject defined by objectName is limited to 16 characters. Must be a valid Explosion ODF or the game will crash.