GameObjects hit by the Ordnance have their movement speeds affected. GravityMine ordnances stack in their effect.

Places an image indicator that a Gravity Mine is present on the enemy GameObject's wireframe. GUI_WI_GRAVMINE from the Dynamic_Localized_Strings.h file defines the tooltip for the image indicator.

Note that GravityMines last for an indefinite amount of time and can only be removed by a RepairShip, Shipyard repair, or a RepairWeapon.

Uses the shotGeometry ODF command. Does not use the sprite ODF command.

classLabel = "gravmine"

Stock ODF Commands


Integer???, Default: ~25

Determines the target's impulseSpeed and combatSpeed after being hit by the ordnance, as a percent of the GameObject's normal speed (100 = 100%). Values above 100 increase the target's speed while values below 100 cause a decrease. The speed cannot be modified below slowPercent = ~25. Note that large values can cause the Craft to be unable to stop. Warp speed is disabled.

Each additional ordnance alters the speed by this percent in a compound manner: if impulseSpeed = 100 and slowPercent = 50, the first GravityMine reduces impulseSpeed to 50 while the second GravityMine reduces impulseSpeed to 25.