Mine Ordnances are placed at a location. Mines will chase after the closest valid GameObject, even if it is already being chased by another mine. Mines do not differentiate between GameObjects that are drifting hulks (all hitpoints removed, but not yet exploded) and GameObjects that still have hitpoints. Mines never miss.

All are able to use at least the Cannon, CannonImp, AreaCannon, AreaMissile, and MineLayer weapon classlabels.

classlabel = "mine"

Stock ODF Commands


Float, Default:

The turn radius once the Ordnance has accelerated to its terminal velocity (omega).


Float, Default: 100.0

The acceleration of the ordnance from when it is fired to when it reaches shotSpeed (the maximum velocity of the ordnance).


Float, Default: 70.0

How far out from the Mine's location that it can detect and thus chase foes.


Boolean, Default: TRUE

When set to false (0), the Ordnance cannot attack stations. GameObjects with the Craft ODF command is_starbase = 1 count as stations.