The Ordnance can hit multiple GameObjects and deal increasing amounts of damage with each hit. The ChainPulsar may also emit a smoke trail as it moves.

Uses the sprite ODF command. Does not use the shotGeometry ODF command.

Note that lifeSpan defines the total amount of time the ChainPulsar lasts, whether it hits targets or not.

classLabel = "chainpulsar"

Stock ODF Commands


Float, Default: 0.0

Determines how much additional damage is done with every hit. The calculation is as follows: damageBase + (chainDamageModifier * target number).

For instance, if chainDamageModifier = 20 and damageBase = 100, the ChainPulsar will deal 120 damage to the first target it hits, 140 to the second, 160 to the third and so on.


Float, Default: ~0.0

The radius within which the ChainPulsar ordnance will search out new targets, using the owner craft as the starting point. ChainRadius is recalculated from the origin of subsequent succesfully hit targets. Consequently, if chainRadius is 800 units, valid targets must be within 800 units of the previous target that was hit. If a target lies outside of chainRadius, the ChainPulsar will not attempt to fly toward it and will end on the last valid target (or fly straight from the hardpoint of the owner craft if no initial valid target exists at all).

Valid targets are chosen based on their distance from the previously hit target.

Note that the ChainPulsar does not treat previously hit targets as valid (it will not hit any of the targets it has hit before).


Integer, Default: 6

The maximum number of targets the ordnance will hit.