Missile Ordnances are shot from the owner's hardpoints as a discrete projectile, disappearing once they hit the target. The Missile Ordnance's visuals are warped (curved) as they track a target. These types of ordnance deal their effects at the moment of impact.

All are able to use at least the Launcher weapon classlabel.

classlabel = "missile"

Stock ODF Commands


Float, Default:

The amount of time in seconds that the ordnance obeys omegaTurn from initial firing. If seekTime is set for longer than the ordnance takes to reach its target, the ordnance will fly around the target. After seekTime ends, the ordnance heads straight for its target.

Note that if the ordnance is to miss the target, seekTime has no visible effect, as hitChance is calculated upon the moment of firing.

seektime = 0.25


Float, Default:

The turn radius once the Ordnance has accelerated to its terminal velocity (omega). Missiles are shot at terminal velocity.