Planets hit by the Ordnance gain colonists. The weapon will attempt to continue firing the ColonizerPod until the number of colonists on the Planet = 1000.

Can only be used on Planets and can only be used by Colony GameObjects.

Uses the shotGeometry ODF command. Does not use the sprite ODF command.

classLabel = "colonizerpod"

Stock ODF Commands


Integer, Default: 0

The number of colonists that will be added to the Planet each time the ordnance hits it. A smaller partySize means that more ColonizerPod ordnance will be used and vice versa.

Note that a maximum of 1000 colonists will land with a successful colonization. Consequently the partySize determines how quickly the progress bar for colonization proceeds.


Float, Default: ~0.0

The height above the center of the Planet that the Colony should orbit while it is using the ColonizerPod. Note that if colonization ends before the Planet gains any colonists the Planet will be treated as lost and no crew will be transferred to the Planet.