Craft hit by the Ordnance are duplicated (including all current statistics, such as damage) and set to the player's Team and Perceived Team. Duplicated GameObjects will display a decommission animation once the effect is over. The Craft ODF command is_starbase = 0 determines that the Craft can be duplicated actively (with a player's cursor selection). ManheimEffect is hardcoded to not affect a file that carries the name 8472_mothership.odf .

Duplicated Craft may not use certain special weapons (displayed as unavailable), may not decommission, may not transport and cannot be transported to. They can use all regular weapons and build other objects. Duplicated Craft also consume officers if officerCost for the original Craft was specified.

Wmanhiem.sod is used by default when a GameObject is hit by the Ordnance.

Weapon / Ordnance classes that are cloned (when special = 1):

ManheimEffect (apparently not), PhaseCloakDevice, TranswarpDrive, QuantumEffect, PsychonicInsanity, BorgEnergyEmitter, HoloEmitter, EnergyShieldConverter (apparently not), PositronicJammer, DeathChant, ColonizerPod, ColonizingBeam, FedShieldEmitter (apparently not) ... WHAT'S GOING ON - seems that it depends which race you are playing as. makes no sense (sometimes fed repair team available then, etc...)

m_canBeDerelictEvenIfCannotDie what does it mean

Note that the Weapon (if special = 1) that fires this Ordnance must have needTarget = 1, otherwise Armada will crash when the AI / Special Weapons Autonomy uses the weapon.

Uses the sprite ODF command. Does not use the shotGeometry ODF command.

classlabel = "manheimeffect"

Stock ODF Commands


Float, Default: 180.0

The length of time in seconds that the duplicated Craft remains in-game before disappearing.