Fleet Operations only

The AI process is called "FighterProcess". The rangeScan of the Fighter is crucial to finding one of the carriers. Fighters only perform Cloverleaf attack maneuvers (the looping flight pattern) when attached to a carrier. clearFog = 0 works (fighters will not clear fog when set to zero).

If a Fighter loses its carrier, and no new carrier appears within range, after 20 seconds the Fighters will fly to a shipyard to recycle themselves automatically. If the Fighter on its way to a shipyard meets a compatible carrier, the Fighter will instead join the carrier.

Note that the AI will not use Fighters properly. Fighters used by the AI may fight in place and be ordered separately from the carrier.

Fighters launched from a UtritiumBall GameObject will result in an Out of Sync in a multiplayer game

classlabel = "fighter"

Fleet Operations ODF Commands


Float, Default: 0.0, Pair Array

Designates how much a Fighter prefers a ship class as carrier (0-1). A value of 0 will result in the Fighter ignoring the vessel as potential carrier. The Fighter will stay at a carrier until the carrier is destroyed and it doesn't matter if there is a better carrier near it.

supplyClasses = 0 
  "fed_avalon.odf" 1
  "fed_sovereigny.odf" 0.9
  "fed_galaxy.odf" 0.2
  "fed_akiray.odf" 0.5

Note that Fighters will stay attached to a carrier, even if the carrier is replaced into a non-carrier.


Float, Default: 1000.0

This value defines the range the Fighter is allowed to move away from a carrier. The Fighter will fly back to the carrier if it exceeds the operationRange. It is recommended to set the operationRange slightly more than the possible attack range of the carrier (if that is desired). The Fighter will continue following its target as long as the carrier is within this range.