BuildYard Configuration

Fleet Operations only. BuildYard configuration files are used with the BuildYard classlabel. Only one configuration file is needed for each BuildYard GameObject, as specified in its ODF.

Fleet Operations Configuration ODF Commands


Integer, Default: 0

Determines the total number of possible modules displayed. For instance, if you have a 3x3 grid of module choices, then this value will be 9.


Integer, Default: 0

Determines the row that module X falls into, starting with row 0. Only one item can be selected from a row at a time.


Integer, Default: 0 0 0 0

The first two values are the X Y position of module X's button and the last two numbers are the X Y size of the button.

module0buttonrect = 0 540 80 80


String, Default: Null

This is the ODF name of the ship / station that must be constructed in order to select this module.

module0requiredtechnology = "borR_mixed_rom"


String, Default: Null

Must be a single character. Determines the type of module that will be installed if this item is clicked.

Must match with ATypeAllowed, but does not need to match with the string specified with buildItemXcode.

module0type = "T"


Integer, Default: 0

This is the number of modules of a given type you can select.

Note that A must match with the single character string specified by moduleXType.


String, Default: Null

This is the tooltip used when hovering over this module X's button. Dynamic_Localized_Strings.h file can be used to save space and store longer tooltips.

module0buttontooltip = "AUTOTOOLTIP-bor_adaptor_moduleT.odf"


String, Default: Null

Determines the GUI name for the icon used for module X.

module0buttonsprite = "b_bor_moduleT"


String, Default: Null

Functions once one module button from each row has been selected. This forces Armada II to find the matching suffix ({vessel}_suffix.odf) from within the buildItem list of the BuildYard ODF (non-configuration file) and display a build button for the appropriate buildItem.

X must also match the builditemX value.

builditem0code = "TR" //Searches for GameObjects within the BuildYard's buildItem list with a suffix of _TR